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    Executive Directors

    Mr. Kwok Kin Sun (Chairman)

    Mr. Kwok Hon Fung

    Mr. Tong Xin

    Mr. Peng Zuncheng  

    Independent Non-executive Directors
    Mr. Cheung Chiu Tung
    Mr Poon Yick Pang Philip  
    Ms. Huang Yumin
    Audit Committee
    Mr. Poon Yick Pang Philip (Chairman)
    Mr. Cheug Chiu Tung
    Ms. Huang Yumin
    Remuneration Committee
    Mr. Chueng Chiu Tung (Chairman)
    Mr. Poon Yick Pang Philip
    Ms. Huang Yumin
    Nomination Committee
    Mr. Kwok Kin Sun (Chairman)
    Mr. Poon Yick Pang Philip
    Ms. Huang Yumin
    Company Secretary
    Mr. Tung Man Chun

    Authorized Representatives

    Mr. Kwok Hon Fung

    Mr. Tung Man Chun

    Elite Partners CPA Limited

    Legal Adviser as to Hong Kong Law

    Chungs Lawyers in association with 

    DeHeng Law Offices

    Registered Office
    Cricket Square, Hutchins Drive, P.O. Box 2681, Grand Cayman, KY1-1111, Cayman Islands 

    Headquarters and Principal Place of Business in The People’s Republic of China
    Fordoo Industrial Zone E12, Xunmei Industrial Zone, Fengze District, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China
    Principal Place of Business in Hong Kong
    Suite 908,9/F, ICBC Tower, 3 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
    Principal Share Registrar and Transfer Office

    Suntera (Cayman) Limited
    Suite 3204, Unit 2A, Block 3, Building D, P.O.Box 1586,Gardenia Court, Camana Bay, KY1 -1110, Cayman Islands

    Branch Share Registrar and Transfer Office
    Boardroom Share Registrars (HK) Limited
    Room 2103B, 21/F, 148 Electric Road
    North Point, Hong Kong

    Principal Bankers
    China CITIC Bank Corporation Limited
    China Construction Bank Corporation 

    Share Information
    Listing date: 16 Jul 2014
    HKEX Stock Code
    IR Contact
    Investor relations department, China Fordoo Holdings Limited

    Office 812, Unit 1908, 19/F, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong 

    Tel:  (852)3751 5690 Fax: (852)3187 7218 
    E-mail: ir@www.shop-accent.com